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14 - 18 September 2007 							Brasov, Romania 

Elaboration of Contributions :
Authors are invited to submit by e-mail in MS Word abstracts of 200-500 words - not exceeding one A4 page.
Use A4 format paper of the page (29.7 cm width x 21 cm height); allow 2.5 cm margins on top and bottom, and
3.5 cm margins for left and right. The abstract shiuld be written by using Times New Roman font at single line
spacing. Type the Title (Times 14, bold, centered) followed by one empty line and the author's name (Times 12
normal, centered) and their affiliation, address for communication, fax number, email address (Times 11, Italic, 
centered). The presenting author should be underlined. Leave two empty lines and proceed with the main text 
(Times 11, justified left and right).
The abstracts should outline the performed work, methodology and results. Please suggest a classification of your
contribution according tl the listed main topics. All abstracts must be supplied in English.
The deadline for submission of abstracts is May 15, 2007. The abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific
 committee. The presenting author will be notified of acceptance or rejection of his/her abstract around June 15, 2007.

The full manuscripts due date is September 14, 2007. 

Publication of Contributions :

The papers (limited  to 4 pages for regular contributions and 6 pages for the invited ones) will be  published
in Journal of Optoelectronic and Advanced Materials (JOAM), according to the publishing rules of the Journal.
One full page of the Journal contains 60 rows in two columns with 116 characters/row (font size Times New Roman 10).
The papers must be sent in a file named Contacting_author (followed by a number in case you submit more than one paper).doc;
3 - 5 Keywords must be specified. Every paper must have an abstract with maximum 100 words.
The following structure of a paper is recommended: 1, Introduction; 2. Experimental (Theory, Modeling,...); 3. Results;
4. Discussion; 5. Conclusions, Acknowledgements Figures and Tables are recommended to be introduced in the text with their legends.
References will be introduced in the text at the end of the paper in the following style : [1] N. Rivier, Phil. Mag. 40, 859 (1979)
[2] N. F. Mott, E. A. Davis, Electron Processes in Non-Crystalline Materials, Clarendon Press, Oxford (1979).

More details can be found at:

The papers should be sent via e-mail to:
Gheorghe Dinescu
Paper submission deadline: September, 17th, 2007

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